Top Beauty trends 2014

Postet av Adam og Eva Arkaden den 10. Jan 2015

After the Christmas holidays, New Year is upon us, then we find ourselves in 2015!
People really pushed the boundaries in 2014, experimenting more than ever! Taking looks from the catwalk and playing around with them.

Chopped up bobs, braids, bleaching hair white, colouring hair grey, bleaching away eyebrows, in a sense bluring identity. Exposing flaws in no-make-up selfies, glitter all of a sudden became 'on-trend', fake tattoos, fake piercings and appearing as if you had just walked out of a shower, glamourously of course....With perfectly wet hair...

Remember if one of these trends is not enough for you, you can try three all at once as this guy, wet look/greyish hair, fake piercing, bleached eyebrows :-)

Photos/Yahoo image search

Bestil Frisørtime her!


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