Raf Simons SS/15 Menswear

Postet av Adam og Eva Arkaden den 29. Okt 2014

Raf Simons SS/15 Menswear show deliberaetly challenged the conduct of the fashion industry. The intention was to break down the bounderies between the show and the audience, eliminating heirarchy by removing the catwalk, having the models walk on the floor, removing seats, forcing the audience to stand. With the space drenched in a viberant red glow, the models made there way through the audience.

The clothes adorned with personal photographs from Simons past, allowing the audience a glimpse into his history, connecting the viewer by allowing them into his private memories, a personalisation of a show that is generally impersonal. Which an underground club feel, almost grungy 90's to the clothes and hair, and hap-hazardness/un-organisation of the presentaion referencing Simons chaotic early days.

"I was thinking about my early days when I was always clubbing,"

"I liked the fact that we were all standing. Everyone was on the same level and there was no hierarchy."

The hair was styled with a wet look/ultra high shine, loose finger waves, with long strands of hair swept across the face.

Story by Mark/Senior Stylist/Adam og Eva Akarden
Images/Dazed and Confussed


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