Advanced Seminar/27/10/14

Postet av Adam og Eva Arkaden den 28. Okt 2014

The Skin fade and barbering has been slowley but surely creeping onto the Norwegian fashion contious male. Through International magazines and TV shows such as Mad Men pushing the trend. British Mens Hairdresser of the year Kevin Luchmun has greatly influenced the trend in the UK, `making over` almost every male model in Enland, its hard to find one now that dosent have some form of fade, whether it be high or low.

Over the weekend Barbering and the Skin fade featured heavily during the Advanced Seminar at the Adam og Eva Academy, and rightly so as its becoming more and more `in demand` and the haircut that fashion aware men want! making it a technique all good hairdressers should be confident in doing.

Here are some images

Advanced Seminar, 27th October 2014,

Haircuts by, Columbo, Adam og Eva Paleet
& Steven, Adam og Eva Nedre Slotts Gate

Story By Mark/Adam og Eva Arkaden


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