Hair trends S/S15

Postet av Adam og Eva Arkaden den 14. Okt 2014

S/S15 has been a vaired season for hair, and we see this more and more. Hair trends are now multiple choice, long gone are the days when a client will ask the question "Whats the latest hair trend" and we respond "oh, waves are in at the moment"

I say to my clients its not about as set trend anymore, its about a multitude of hair trends emalgimated together from different decades, often with a twist and updated. Its not so much about face shape anymore, its more about individual style, and being individual, making a statement.
If you want to look classically beautiful then, by all means consider face shape, bone structure, etc. But, on the other hand its far more interesting to challenge face shape, and bone structure creating shapes that contradict this, in turn evolves the haircut into something that creates interest, a certain uniquness, and a bold look that the client is then challenged to carry off.

S/S15=Slicked/Knots/Wigs/Crops/ Bohemien/Kinks

Story/Mark/Senior Stylist/Adam og Eva/Arkaden

Bestill Frisørtime hos Mark her!

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